This is my dog Bailey.  She is a 4-pound teacup chihuahua.

Her most favorite toy is a little stuffed animal named Princess.  It’s a dog with purple bunny ears tied onto it’s head with ribbon (you know, like for Easter).  Bailey expresses her love by throwing Princess violently through the air in fits of hyperactivity and fake rage.  When you look at Princess, and see all of her battle scars, you think, “Wow, that toy has been loved.”

We never intended on naming the toy.  We especially never intended on naming it something so precious and wimpy.

It just so happened that one day when Husband and I returned home for the night, there was a castle sitting on our doorstep.  It was made entirely of paper towel rolls and cardboard boxes.  If you are wondering why someone made it and why they left it at our house, all you need to understand is that some of my friends are weirder than me.

It was an exciting discovery to realize Bailey the chihuahua actually fit inside the castle – right through the fully-functional drawbridge door.  My  joy was made complete once we found a dragon costume for Bailey.

She actually loves wearing the costume.  I taught her to love it by giving her treats the first time we put her in it.  I taught her to love the castle the same way.  I could teach her to like anything by associating it with treats.  I’m pretty certain that humans work the same way.

Anyway.   There I was, with a cardboard castle and a chihuahua dragon.  The only logical thing to do at that point was to find a damsel in distress for my dragon dog to terrorize.  This is when the little bunny/puppy toy entered the scene in a dramatic role.

And that is how Princess got her name.

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