“Coffefe” is when you’ve had so much coffee that you can’t think straight, or talk straight, or type straight, because your entire brain has been turned into a giant java bean.  We started using the term after I constantly misspelled “coffee” and other words during the following caffeine-induced, typo-filled note to a friend on Facebook:

so remember how we had coffefe last night, well apparently the coffees kept me up uintil 2:00am and so this morning i had to have more coffee because i was sleepy from not sleeping because of the coofee and did you know that at work i have unlimited coffee because i have a bag of breakfast blend and a whole gallon of milk and also a lot of sugar and a mug and that’s all you need to have to make unlimited coffee so i had approximately 300 cups so far and also i am next to publix and also next to starbucks so if i run out of anything i can buy more because this is america and its the land of plenty!!!

i drew you this too! it is how i feel today!

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