be still my heart

On Tuesday, I donated blood.  I was so nervous that I fell into “crazy” mode and told them I am a unicorn.  It wasn’t as weird as it sounds. I think.

Technically I’m not supposed to donate because I don’t meet their minimum weight requirement.  I was surprised they let me, because the last three times I tried I was sternly turned away and told that donating while underweight would make me faint and die.

But they let me do it this time, so I went on the bus and gave them one billion drops of my blood.  And it was ok, except that when you give away a pint of your blood it means that inside your body you now have less blood.  And I did not consider that fact when I overdosed on sugar Wednesday night and had way too much coffee on Thursday.

In case you are not following, I gave away all of my blood and then replaced it with caffeine and sugar.  This was not a wise decision.  Friday was a blur of hyperglycemia, confusion, and regret.  In case you are a visual learner, I am including the following illustration as a depiction of what was going on inside my veins:

My racing heart serves as a temporary reminder to eat healthier and to refrain from giving away bodily resources to strangers.  At least until I fatten up a little.

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