some cheap red wine

I feel extra duper happy because I had one glass of wine.  When you have one glass of wine, you love life and the whole world and you leave nice comments on your friends’ Facebook pages. Because you just feel warm and you love everything so much.

To be specific, I suppose I had half a glass of wine, only. Because I don’t even like wine. I like wine when you can mess it up with a whole lot of other things. Like cranberry juice, and club soda.

So I’ve had half a glass of wine, and a warm bath, and so the whole world and all of my friends in it are l0vely. And I am going back to the Book of Faces to comment and “like” and emoticon my half-glass of wine all over the place.  Unless I fall asleep first. In which case Husband will have to go pick up the laundry for me, ’cause right now it’s in the dryer all the way over at my mom’s house.

Also, I just noticed that in that last paragraph, I wrote the word lovely. But instead of using the letter o, I typed the number 0. Do you see it? It’s a very small difference. A small difference indeed but I am chuckling over here. I love you, o that is really an 0. And no one cares! Haha!

Have I told you lately that I love you? Not The Internet, but all the peoples that use it.  you’relovelygoodnight.

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