“gut feeling,” a poem about renal lithiasis

Thirteen times did Husband vomit Sunday afternoon,
and since then only bland foods in our home have been consumed.
He felt a sharp pain in his side that would not go away.
It prompted us to visit our physician yesterday.

She poked him in the stomach as she asked him “Does this hurt?”
Then sent him for a urine test and also for blood work.
She said “He might have hurt himself from puking thirteen times,
or maybe there’s a kidney stone that’s hurting him inside.”

I began to laugh (though sympathetic for his plight).
We used to joke about those stones, and so it served him right!
I giggled in the office. Husband glared at me a while,
then recognized the irony and had to crack a smile.

She told him “Drink more fluids, rest a lot, and take Advil.”
Then sent us on our way with an enormous doctor bill.
The moral of the story is: Be careful when you chatter;
those kidney stones you joke about could end up in your bladder.

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