fun with names

I have a customer who’s last name is Buchholz.  It kinda sounds like “buttholes.” Good thing his first name’s not Harry.

I also knew a girl with the last name Runsifer.  Sounds to me like “Rumpsniffer.”  I haven’t thought of a fun first name to go with it yet, though.

When I was in tenth grade I used to waste massive amounts of classtime by thinking of funny name situations.  I almost wish I’d saved the list I wrote because it was pretty good stuff, like…

If you were born ____, I’d name you ____.

  • on a shovel, Doug
  • in a car, Otto (or Carly, or Mercedes)
  • on the beach, Sandy (or Shelly)
  • on a scale, Wade

And so on, and so forth. It was definitely a lot more interesting than my 7th period World History class, and possibly more relevant too.  Because now I know that if I ever birth a daughter on the couch, I can name her Sophie!  And then I’d also have a reason to buy a new couch.

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