a penny saved is a penny to spend at Moe’s

Last night my friends got home at 10:30 and found my driver’s license wedged into their front door. I’m guessing I’d dropped it in their lawn and someone was kind enough to return it. It was great, because I’d been looking for it. You know who else had been looking for it? The cop that pulled me over last week.

He pulled me over on my way to work because I was going very, very fast in a very, very slow area. When he asked for my license, I confessed I didn’t know where it is and then for good measure I made this face :*((((((((((

He went back to his cop car and was in there for the longest 10 minutes ever. I was positive he was going to give me a huge ticket. I deserved it. I was thinking “That ticket is going to be higher than the amount I will even make for working today! I would have been better off staying home than driving to work and getting this ticket! ARRRRRRGGH.”

But then, guess what? He didn’t give me a ticket.

I looked it up online to see how much the ticket should’ve been. It was $281 (plus whatever cost to take that online driver school course thing).

I should have gotten a ticket, but I didn’t. You know what that means? IT MEANS I SAVED MONEY. I SAVED $281 AND NOW I GET TO GO SHOPPING. I AM THE BEST MONEY SAVER EVER.

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