dear bed…

Dear Bed,

I think I woke up on the wrong side of you this morning.  Nothing bad has happened to me all day, but I’m just in an extremely foul mood.  I am cranky.  Everything is getting on my nerves.  Everything.  Every individual thing in the office and in the world is annoying me right now and I am angry at all of it.

I’m annoyed at my chair and my desk and my papers.  The Post-Its are pissing me off.  The phone is my worst enemy and even my shoes seem abrasive.  Being awake is a cruel joke.  Even the fact that it’s Wednesday is agitating and I have no idea why.  I HATE EVERYTHING AND THE ENTIRE WORLD IS MAKING ME FEEL SAD AND AWKWARD TODAY :(

Can I crawl back to you, Bed, and try this all over again?

Love, Me

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