dear family…

Dear Family,

I have an idea for next year’s Christmas gift exchange.  Instead of each person buying gifts for everyone else, we should all just buy gifts for ourselves.  Like this: “The next present under the tree is to Elisa, from Elisa.”  And then I would open the box and find a live pet squirrel, and I would smile and say “Wow, this was exactly what I wanted!”

It solves the how-much-should-we-all-spend issue, because everyone can spend as much or as little as they want and it would still be fair.  If Brother buys himself a real helicopter, and Other Brother buys himself a Snickers bar, it’s fair.  If Mom gets a new sweater, and Husband gets a Ferrari, it’s still fair.*

And then, in the end, everyone gets exactly the gift that they wanted.  No fruitcakes.

I know you might not all think this is the most fantastic idea, but the truth is, you’re wrong.  It is fantastic.  Don’t worry; you have 370 days to adjust to the idea.  And I have 370 days to find a squirrel.

Love, Me

*Disclaimer: Husband is only allowed to buy a Ferrari if he pays for the whole thing in cash and is willing to cover the increase of our monthly insurance bill.
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1 Response to dear family…

  1. jenn says:

    hahaha i love that. i want a pet squirrel :c

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