dear 12 days of christmas…

Dear 12 Days of Christmas,

I’ve liked you ever since I first heard you sung by Relient K. Unfortunately the tempo they sing makes it very difficult for me to keep up with all the lords a’leapin and maids a’milkin. As of today, I have officially decided to give up all the memorization hoopla and just sing whatever I want for your verses.

On the 8th day of Christmas my true love gave to me
7 swans a’geesin
6 skittles jumping
5 toilets leaking
4 turtle doves
3 penguins
2 little squirrels
and a PAR-TRIDGE in a pear treeee

The best part is that the words change every single time, except for #5 because no one forgets golden rings. Does it make any sense?  No, but neither do the original lyrics.  It is fun?  Heck yes.  And so from here on out, you shall be forever known to me as THE FUNNEST CHRISTMAS SONG EVER. 

Love, Me

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2 Responses to dear 12 days of christmas…

  1. Ben says:

    2 number 5’s? is that because #5 is your favorite number? 3 is the magic number though.

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