dear self…

Dear Self,

I am going to start tricking you, but I do not want you to take it personally.

Until yesterday, it had been a month since you bought groceries.  This is bad because we ran out of food about 2 weeks ago.  The cupboards were bare.  Even the cheese bucket was empty (the “cheese bucket” is the drawer in our fridge that has a little picture of fruits & vegetables on it).  Husband was protesting.

Because grocery shopping is unavoidable and must be done weekly, you must be brainwashed to enjoy it.  That’s right.  From now on grocery shopping is ENJOYABLE.  You LOVE it.  You almost CAN’T WAIT for the opportunity to purchase the food.  You are a cart-pushing CHAMPION.  There is NOTHING MORE EXCITING than buying the food!!!!  It is a thrill and a delight.

Hopefully this plan works because I am running out of ideas, and Refrigerator still has not learned to stock itself :(

Love, Me

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1 Response to dear self…

  1. sallyjeangenter says:

    Start using coupons. Every “self” loves a challenge: “How much can I get for next to nothing!”

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