dear pepsi…

Dear Pepsi,

Hi, liquid crack.  That was quite the buzz you gave me tonight.  Before you, I was a productive participant in decorating the church for Christmas.  After you, I was a mad woman rolling on the floor in a desperate attempt to acquire every piece of fallen glitter.

Only two other people in the room even understood why I wanted the glitter.  We were the only ones to grow up in the middle of the Britney Spears generation.  We spent our teenage years baring midriffs and trying to find new places to wear glitter (eyes, arms, lips, hair, fingernails, clothing, etc).

You and your pretty little sugar rush enabled me to pursue the glitter in ways I had never dreamed of.  Husband was terrified, but my thirteen-year-old self would have been SOOO prooud.  And probably SOOO embarrassed.  She’s kind of fickle.

Love, Me

PS – Everything in the drawing actually happened.

PSS – Method #1 was most fun as it involved running and diving which are both things Pepsi makes me want to do anyway.

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3 Responses to dear pepsi…

  1. Anonymous says:

    Your glitter got in my beard Saturday when I was at the VOX room.

  2. Anonymous says:

    it did dazzle me up a bit.

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