dear men…

Dear Men,

I would like to take this time to point out how women worldwide can take any compliment you give, and then somehow turn it into a grave insult.

For example, yesterday Boss told me I would look smart with glasses.  Just an innocent comment from a well-meaning person, yet my woman brain hears “YOU NORMALLY LOOK REAL DUMB.”

Now let’s look at another example.  Husband tells me he loves when I wear my hair straight.  Translation?  “I HATE YOUR CURLS, YOU SLOB.”

Even a friendly “You’re the nicest person I know” can translate into “I PROBABLY SAY THAT TO EVERYBODY, SO NOW YOU KNOW YOU CAN NEVER BELIEVE ANYTHING THAT I SAY.”

There are several solutions to this gender miscommunication.  For example, once Husband said to me, “You smell…………good!”  See, he gave the insult first, allowed me an instant of sorrow, and then turned it right back around into a compliment.  He facilitated the female mood swing that was going to happen anyway. By the time I had processed the insult, it had turned into something positive.  And I was happy.

Or when a friend told me, “You are the third funniest person that I know.”  If he spoke soley from flattery, he would’ve said THE funniest.  Not the THIRD funniest.  The phrasing implies he put thought into it.  Again, this is a hybrid of an insult and a compliment, but it somehow just seems really genuine.

My point being, I sympathize for Men that face this battle alone.  You want to say something nice, but your lady twists it around in her brain, and before you know it you’re sleeping on the couch.  I have absolutely no advice for you.  I mean, you could always try the insult-turned-compliment technique, but it could totally and completely backfire on you.  And end with tears… and broken windows.

Love, Me

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5 Responses to dear men…

  1. nsciscio says:

    Awesome just awesome. haha

  2. Katie Goers says:

    Elisa this is awesome! And so incredibly true! I had 6 guys tell me how much they liked my hair straight and I was immediately insecure about my curls… why is this communication thing so difficult!

  3. Trish says:

    Oh…this is PERFECT! The womans brain…no answers.! poor men. lol. I fully sympathize for them regarding this. lol….i toltally relate..and somehow feel bad for men after applying one of these thoughts to my head after a genuine compliment.

    • Elisa says:

      The worst part is that Husband read this and he didn’t understand it. Like, he doesn’t get why women would hear BAD things out of GOOD compliments. But a lot of girls that read the post say they understand and agree completely. Haha

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