dear olive garden kid’s menu…

Dear Olive Garden Kid’s Menu,

You are by far the most spectacular Kid’s Menu in the world.  The line game?  You had it.  Tic-tac-toe?  It was there.  Crossword?  Check.  Wordsearch?  There too.

Yet I feel you were underappreciated by the actual children at our table.  I was enjoying my time with you profusely, but the toddler seated across from me was not interested in the least.  She was more amused by a cell phone.  Kids these days.

Even when my time with you ended, Menu, your red and blue crayons accompanied me out to the parking lot where they lent themselves to a wonderful illustration of Rock Em Sock Em Robots on the asphalt.  I wish every Menu could be more like you.

Love, Me
PS – My robot won.  It gave Husband’s robot a suckerpunch to the face to make up for losing to him at the line game.

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