dear readers…

Dear Readers,

I want to apologize wholeheartedly to all three of you.  I haven’t been posting much lately, so I wanted to explain why.

It’s because I’m boring.

See I USED to post in the morning.  Somehow in the morning thoughts fly down to me from the Heavens and it’s an extraordinary event.  Lately, however, I have been forced to only post in the evenings.  In the evening, my brain is like a rock that is melting.  Rocks don’t melt.  Well not normally they don’t.  But that’s kind of my point.  Something very weird and very dumb happens to my brain in the evening, and my creativity is sucked out like a fart in a windstorm.  Credit to Best Friend for that analogy.

Anyway, so please be patient with me as I adjust to this new posting schedule.  I promise I will have some more gold nuggets of blabbering post-ed-ness soon.

Love, Me

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2 Responses to dear readers…

  1. Kimberly says:

    Reader #3 here. You are not boring! But I get it. Morning is my best time, too.

  2. riana slone says:

    I’m famous ! :)

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