dear tiny band-aids

Dear Tiny Band-Aids,

You are so tiny and so cute and I like you a lot.  Although you have been sitting in the medicine cabinet for a while, I kinda forgot you were there until I got this cut on my nose.  But now that I am wearing you, I am so, so happy.

Let me tell you something.  Once, when I was a toddler, my brother was holding a box of Band-Aids.  I saw the Band-Aids and I wanted them, but he would not let me have them.  So I BIT HIM three times right on his back until he was overcome by PAIN and released the Band-Aids to me.  I tell you this so you will understand that I take you very, very seriously.

So you see, what we have on our hands here is a girl with a repressed Band-Aid fixation who suddenly has possession of many, many Band-Aids.  When worn, they will most certainly lead to insane happiness.  HAPPINESS!  If one Tiny Band-Aid can make me smile, imagine what TEN would do!  Or TWENTY! Or a HUNDRED!!

Right now I am fighting the urge to injure my entire body.  I need dangerous activity, and quick.  Ice skating?  Paintball?  Cooking? The possibilites are endless.

Love, Me

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