dear time change…

Dear Time Change,

I want to thank you for elevating my weekend to “awesome” status.  Because of you, I was able to stay up late and watch an amazingly cheesy 80’s movie that (I swear to you) involved an impromptu alien dance party at a McDonalds birthday party.  I GOT TO SEE THAT BECAUSE OF YOU!

OK, so to be totally honest, I would have stayed up late to watch it anyway because I’m an  ADULT and I do whatever I want.  But the extra hour of sleep you brought made it more awesome for me, Time Change.

I’m gonna try to bottle this emotion up and remember it when you return in a few months.  Right now it’s “fall back” so you are basically the most wonderful concept in the world to me, but I know that next time we meet it will be “spring forward.”  You’ll come like a ninja in the night and snatch 60 minutes of my precious slumber, and I will pretty much hate my whole existence because of you.

See you then!!

Love, Me

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1 Response to dear time change…

  1. Carolyn says:

    LOL exactly how I feel! It’s only a brilliant idea 50% of the time.

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