dear sad pastry…

Dear Sad Pastry,

When I saw you Wednesday it was clear you were having the worst day of your life.  There you were, trapped in a glass case of emotion with your devastated frown and your sorrowful little eyes.  My heart broke for you.

You must be an extremely intelligent little coffee cake.  All the other pastries just sit happily because they do not know their fate.  Naive little sweets.  You, however, are wise.  You understand the fragility of existence.  You’re fully aware that you will probably meet your end by sundown, when you are consumed by a hungry human.  And it’s such a brutal death — first bitten apart piece by piece, then digested slowly over a grueling 4-hour process, finally to meet your fate as a dimple on somebody’s thigh! I don’t blame you for being so sad.

What’d you say?  That’s not why you were sad?!  Ohh… Well I uhh… I didn’t know your girlfriend dumped you.  I thought you were sad because… Oh crap. You didn’t know, did you?! My gosh I’m so sorry… I didn’t mean for you to find out this way!  Well I uh… Well try to look on the bright side, which is, uhhh… Well… This is awkward :(

Love, Me

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3 Responses to dear sad pastry…

  1. riana slone says:

    “trapped in a glass case of emotion with your devastated frown and your sorrowful little eyes. ” …. That’s the line right there, you know how to win my blog reading affections.

  2. Anonymous says:

    “…meet your fate as a dimple on somebody’s thigh.” haha…as sad as he looks, it makes me smile. I just love reading of your adventures and your thoughts. They make me smile.
    P.S. Did you eat him? You should’ve. Put him out of his misery.. And even though hes sad, he still looks delish. He kinda gives “human” a reason to eat him…a sad delish looking pastry….mmm

    • Elisa says:

      Oh yes, eating him would have been the right thing to do — woulda helped him achieve his purpose. But I didn’t do it :/

      I absolutely love finding food that has emotion. I have another food photo of a confused slice of bread. It’s fabulous. I swear I will have a whole gallery in my house one day…

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