dear lack of seasons

Dear Lack Of Seasons,

I am bleeding from my face and I blame you for it.

If we had a funny thing called winter, we could have gone outside and had a snowball fight. If we had autumn, perhaps I would have been playing in a fluffy pile of leaves. But we have neither. Hoping to create a seasonal feeling, I had decorated our apartment with some pine cones (that I purchased at a store, mind you, because we don’t have those here either).

Enter junk food. Enter lots and lots of sweets. Enter massive sugar rush. Suddenly pine cones were being hurled across the apartment. Husband didn’t want to participate, so he curled into the couch. This action made him an easy target.

After being hit repeatedly by pine cones, he’d had enough. When he finally retaliated he blindly sent a single massive pine cone soaring through the air. It flew across the apartment at high velocity – into my face. Direct hit!! Ouch. Pain. Falllllling. Blood! AHHHHH.

Now I have a battle wound across the bridge of my nose. All thanks to you, Lack Of Seasons.

Love, Me

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