dear giant stamp sticker…

Dear Giant Stamp Sticker,

Whenever I buy a book of stamps, you are there.  You look an awful lot like a stamp, except you are much larger and I don’t think you have any monetary value.  I always wonder what would happen if I used you to mail something.  Would it work?  Would the mailman feel bad for me and deliver the letter, even though he’s not supposed to? I mean, YOU LOOK A FREAKIN LOT LIKE A REAL STAMP!

Hey Sticker – do you smell that? It’s the smell of adventure. Here. You just sit on this envelope, OK? We’re gonna take a trip out to the mailbox. Don’t be scared; it’s only dark in the beginning but then it gets a lot more fun. See you later!!

Love, Me

PS – Bonus!!  Click to enlarge.

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3 Responses to dear giant stamp sticker…

  1. Megan Campbell says:

    HAHA! This is amazing!!! Did you get it sent back to you? Hmm…I wonder what Mr. Postman/woman thought about this! Haha!

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