dear stomach…

Dear Stomach,

Let’s communicate for a second.  I know you don’t like being empty for long stretches of time, so I would like to feed you before we go out for the night.  Normally that’s not an issue, but I’m having a reeeeally hard time figuring out what goes with guacom0le and cake.  You know, since that’s what we had for “lunch.”  It was irresponsible of me to give you that, but I can’t change the past.  I can only work towards a better future.

That being said, there is approximately one hour left before we need to leave the house.  If you come up with any ideas of what I should give you, please relay the message to Hypothalamus as soon as possible so he can take necessary action.  Thanks.

Love, Me

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1 Response to dear stomach…

  1. Trish says:

    mmmm…what a delish “lunch” lol. My stomach was very thankful and enjoyed being so spoiled on sunday afternoon. :)

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