dear refrigerator…

Dear Refrigerator,

Do you think you could learn to stock yourself?  Every week I drag myself to the grocery store to get things for you, and it isn’t very fun I HAAATE ITTT.

Yesterday you were almost empty.  I didn’t want to go to the store, but I had run out of excuses to stay home.  I also felt really bad having no food here for Husband.   The only edible thing left in our kitchen was Ramen and a handful of tortilla chips.  I had to go shopping for Husband’s sake.

When that logic still wasn’t motivating enough, I bribed myself with a Pepsi (Do normal people have to bribe themselves in order to get things done?).  I went to the store and got my groceries as quickly as possible.  The contents of my cart consisted mostly of cheese, which I can’t even eat right now because of that dang Pizzeria Door.  Unfortunately, I will have to repeat this shopping experience every week.  Every week!  For the rest of my life.

That is, of course, unless you can help me out.  If you could somehow find a way to keep yourself stocked, Fridge, then I would never have to buy food again.  And I would really, really appreciate that.  Think it over.

Love, Me

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3 Responses to dear refrigerator…

  1. riana says:

    “Ah… I see you speak kraft as well”

  2. The Dunnies says:

    It’s like currency here.

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