dear iPod

Dear iPod,

iCannot express how much iLove you.   You are the ultimate driving buddy.  You are always there for me.  Even when iForget to recharge your batteries, you don’t get angry.  You are always there waiting and ready when iGet you to the charger.

You have an excellent sense of humor, iPod.  Sometimes you play a song that makes me look cool when iAm waiting at the stoplight.  Then just when iFeel all puffed up and tough, you hit me with a suckerpunch to my pride by playing something like “Bye Bye Bye” by NSync.  Such a jokester, you are.

You eliminate the need for CDs and cassettes, and that’s great.  You are so small and iCan carry you anywhere.  You play only music that iLike (even when iAm embarrassed by it).  And you save me from that radio station that plays too much Justin Bieber.  Thank you for being a friend!

Love, Me

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