dear car

Dear Car,

Today is all about YOU!

I know your birthday is not until May, but you have done so many things lately that I am so proud of.  In August, you went through a huuuge puddle from a tropical storm.  I was worried we wouldn’t make it through, but I should have known better.  You’re a survivor.  You showed that puddle who was boss, unlike the little white car that succumbed to the water in front of us.

Then in September, there was a bug inside of you and you didn’t freak out.  I freaked out, but you stayed calm.  You did not even seem to mind my screaming.  I don’t know where the bug went, but I am sure you took care of him (read: destroyed him) because you and your 5-star safety rating are my protector.

Even this morning you were there for me.  When we were at the stoplight, and a man got out of the car in front of us, and he was holding a sledgehammer – you did not falter.  I know that you would have run him over to save me if I had asked you to.  The man just hit his own car a couple times, which was weird.  You should never have to see vehicular violence like that.  Please know that I would never, ever hit you.

When you got a flat tire last week, I was so sad.  I realized I haven’t been appreciating you much lately.  You are the best car I’ve ever had and I never want to take you for granted!  I bought you a gift just to show I care (by “bought,” I mean I asked for a free perfume sample at Elizabeth Arden and they gave it to me).  You are going to smell so good.  It’s called Pretty which is so befitting for you :)

Have fun with the other cars in the parking lot.  I will see you at 5:00.

Love, Me

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