dear october…

Dear October,

We need to change your name.  I know that “oct” means “eight,” and there’s really just nothing eight-ish about you anymore.  It must hurt a lot to have a name so empty and meaningless :/  But fear not!  I have compiled a whole list of new name suggestions for you.  This way you can feel updated and meaningful again.  Why not try:

  • Baracktober – A whole month for Liberals.
  • Socktober – Like on that scene from Risky Business.
  • Rocktober – Either pet rocks or diamonds.  You decide.
  • Knocktober – Because even doorbells need some time off.
  • Pocktober – Spreadin chicken pox all over the place, baby!
  • Woktober – Who doesn’t love stir fry?!

WAIT A SECOND – Why didn’t I think of this sooner?  You will be GUACTOBER. All guacamole, all the time.  I am so smart sometimes that it hurts.

Love, Me

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