dear secret stash of chocolate…

Dear Secret Stash Of Chocolate, 

We really got ’em now!  No one will find you in your new hiding place.

I’m sorry for ratting you out yesterday.  I hid you so good that Boss could not find you.  He threatened to fire me if I did not disclose your location.  I’m sorry because I had no choice in the matter but to tell him where you were.  And trust me, it broke my heart :(

But now I have moved you to another place – a place so well hidden that none will think to find you there.  Wait there for me.  Stay true to me.  I need you.

Love, Me

PS – Did you hear that??  When Boss checked the old hiding place frantically this morning?  Hilarious.  And then he told his customer “I was going to offer you a piece of candy but somebody hid it.”  Amazing.  Secret Stash Of Chocolate, you are so fun.

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2 Responses to dear secret stash of chocolate…

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  2. This made me laugh my ass off. That is all. Also, I did not have much of an ass to begin with SO THANKS A LOT.

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